Marine Construction

We are a full-service marine construction Seattle experts, and we have a team of experienced professionals to carry out all construction works. We will do everything from the dock design to the installation and repair services. When working on any project, we will bear in mind all cultural, habitat and environmental factors.

We have worked with a number of clients and we have helped them have convenient access to water bodies. Our marine construction services are available for commercial and residential clients.

With our skills and expertise, we will be able to create the right structures to serve your specific needs. We offer a wide range of marine construction services including floating docks, piers, pile driving, docks and so many other structures.

We are always ready to take up any challenge and as such, you should not hesitate to speak your mind when it comes to the construction process. All our services are backed up with integrity and quality workmanship and we will provide quality services at affordable prices.

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Dock Construction Services

One of the main marine construction services that we offer is the construction of docking platforms. We have the best materials for the docks and we will make use of pressure-treated wood for the frames. The hardware is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and galvanized steel. In everything that we do, we strive to build docks that will last a lifetime. There are different composites that you can choose for the decking. The common ones are cedar and fiberglass grating.

Pile Drivers

For the fixed docks, they will be mounted on piling and we have drivers to serve. The dock piling that we have is made of galvanized steel. In the past, the lake piling was made of treated wood. Where the customer requests for the wooden piling, we will make use of the pressure-treated wood piling.

Floating Docks

Our marine construction builders also have experience in building floating docks. These will be provided in polyethylene tubs, which are filled with foam. This will be bolted to the docking frames and there will be ramps that will either be built using fabricated aluminum or the pressure-treated wood.

We Create Unique Masterpieces

It is our intention to provide all our clients with the best marine construction services. We will pay attention to detail and ensure that the docks and all other docking structures are constructed according to your desired preference. We have custom designs for docks which we will provide. For all the projects that we undertake, we will use the best materials and ensure that you have an appealing waterfront.

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Each of the structures is built to last and will be able to withstand the prevailing waves, winds, tides and all other conditions. Whichever type of marine construction Seattle that you may need, you can count on our professional builders to do an excellent job. We have seasoned craftsmen who will go above and beyond to provide the best services. Give us a call to get a quote.